G. Tisserant, J. Gillion, J. Lannelongue, Z. Fattah, P. Garrigue, J. Roche, D. Zigah, B. Goudeau, A. Kuhn and L. Bouffier. 

ChemElectroChem, 2016, 3, 387-391.

The preparation of surface gradients is a very hot topic in contemporary research. Among various physical chemistry approaches, bipolar electrochemistry allows the control of such gradients through the interfacial polarization between a conducting substrate and the electrolyte solution. Here, we report the straightforward single-step generation of metal composition gradients on cylindrical carbon fibers. The screening of different metal deposit morphologies which evolve gradually along a bipolar electrode is demonstrated with monometallic layers and also a bimetallic composite layer based on copper and nickel.

Graphical Abstract