Electrochemistry of Biosystems
Linking Glucose Oxidation to Luminol-based Electrochemiluminescence using bipolar Electrochemistry
Asymmetric Modification of TiO2 Nanofibers with Gold by Electric-Field-Assisted Photochemistry
Stimuli-responsive microgels for electrochemiluminescence amplification

Meunier A., Jouannot O., Fulcrand R., Fanget I., Bretou M., Karatekin E., Arbault S., Guille M., Darchen F., Lemaitre F., Amatore C.
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, 50(22), 5081-5084

A microdevice based on transparent indium tin oxide (ITO) electrodes allows simultaneous total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy and amperometric measurements. Use of the device in the coupled optical and electrochemical detection of single exocytotic events is demonstrated with enterochromaffin BON cells.


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