Electrochemistry of Biosystems
Linking Glucose Oxidation to Luminol-based Electrochemiluminescence using bipolar Electrochemistry
Asymmetric Modification of TiO2 Nanofibers with Gold by Electric-Field-Assisted Photochemistry
Stimuli-responsive microgels for electrochemiluminescence amplification

A. Dauphin, A. Akchach, S. Voci, A. Kuhn, G. Xu, L. BouffierN. Sojic

J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2019, 10, 318-5324

There is a very rapid development of original systems that can be remotely controlled or addressed by playing with chemical and physical concepts. Here, we present the synergetic combination of external magnetic and electric fields to promote, in a double contactless mode, the rotational motion and the concomitant generation of light-emission at the level of a gold-coated iron wire. The latter can be moved by rotating magnetic fields. Simultaneously, an electric field induces its remote polarization, which triggers the local generation of electrochemiluminescence (ECL) by bipolar electrochemistry. During rotation, the motion is tracked by changes in ECL intensity as a function of the orientation of the conducting wire in the electric field. The ECL behavior of the rotating bipolar wire is rationalized by considering the angular dependence of the polarization. Unlike previously reported systems, the rotation induces enhanced ECL emission due to the convective flow produced by the motion. This demonstrates that ECL emission can be coupled to magnetically-controlled rotating bipolar objects. Such dual magnetically- and electrically addressable dynamic systems open exciting perspectives for integrating new functions such as imaging and sensing capabilities.


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