S. Assavapanumat, M. Ketkaew, P. Garrigue, V Lapeyre, S Reculusa, C Wattanakit, A Kuhn

ChemCatChem 11 (2019) 5951 (Front Cover)

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Electrochemical water splitting is a crucially important process for energy conversion and storage. In this context, we report the synthesis of hierarchical multiporous nickel nanosheets obtained by a templated two-step electrodeposition of nickel in the presence of silica beads and an assembly of nonionic surfactant in order to generate a combined macro- and mesoporous structure. Interestingly, the synergistic effect of these highly ordered meso- and macroporous structures promotes the catalytic performance for oxygen evolution reaction with one order of magnitude higher current densities and a better stability of the electrodes compared to flat nickel or electrodes having a single type of porosity. This example illustrates a promising strategy for the rational design of high-performance porous metals, not only in the frame of water electrolysis, but also for other electrocatalytic applications.

2019 14