Current Collaborations / Past Collaborations


Current Collaborations


Université de Grenoble  


Université de Lorraine (Nancy)  
  • Contact: Alain Walcarius, Ph.D. Research Director.
  • Laboratory: Physical Chemistry and Microbiology for the Environment
  • Interests: Functional mesoporous materials in electrochemistry, analytical chemistry and environmental, bioelectrocatalytic reactors based on nanomaterials.

Institute of Analytical Sciences (Lyon)  
  • Contact: Claire Demesmay-Guilhin, Ph.D. Professor.
  • Team: Separation Techniques
  • InterestsDevelopment and characterization of stationary phases, sizing and design of miniaturized structures, two-dimensional chromatography.

Institut Langevin (ESPCI ParisTech)  
  • Contact: Samuel Grésillon, PhD. Associate Professor.
  • Team: Nanophotonics and Optical Scattering Media
  • Interests: Wavefront control in scattering media, optical near-field optical nano-antennas and quantum emitters, digital holography applied, applied plasmonics imaging.
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Molecular Pharmacochemistry Department (Grenoble)
  • Contact: Eric Peyrin, PhD. Professor and Director.
  • Team: Bioanalytical Chemistry
  • InterestsAptamers as novel chiral selectors specific to a pre-designated target enantiomer, aminoglycosides and chiral separation by ligand exchange.
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Itodys (ESPCI ParisTech)  
  • Contact: Frédéric Kanoufi, Ph.D. Reaserch Director.
  • Team: Electron transfert/Reactivity/Surfaces
  • InterestsElectrografting of conductive surfaces, Electrochemical lithography with an optic fibers bundle, Opto-electro-mechanical sensors.
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Laboratory of Systems Analysis and Architecture (Toulouse)  
  • Contact: Pierre Temple-Boyer, PhD. CNRS Researcher.
  • Team: Power Management System Integration
  • Interests: New power devices, Systems for power management, Integration of functions and systems for power conversion and energy management.

Max Mousseron Institute of Biomolecules (Montpellier)  
  • Contact: Odile Vandenabeele-Trambouze, PhD. Researcher.
  • Team: Biomolecular Organisation
  • Interests: Electrokinetic separation methods, Physico-chemical study of polyelectrolyte complexes, Synthetic polypeptides, biomimetic and supramolecular chemistry.

Institute of Cryogenics and Nanosciences (CEA Grenoble)  


Past Collaborations


Laboratory of Photonics and Nanostructures (Marcoussis)
  • Contact: Charlie Gosse, PhD. CNRS Researcher.
  • Team: Nanotechnology and Microfluidic Devices
  • InterestsManufacturing and modeling of thermal chips, thermometry by fluorescence microscopy, electroporation localized, self-assembly of functionalized magnetic structures.

Institut Lumière Matière (Lyon)  
  • Contact: Cécile Cottin-Bizonne, PhD. CNRS Researcher.
  • Team: Liquids and Interfaces
  • Interests: Influence of surfaces and interfaces on the dynamics of fluids and soft matter, exploration of the dynamics of materials on a wide range of scales.