Deiss F., Laurent S., Descamps E., Livache T., Sojic N.
Analyst 2011, 1336, 327-331

A high-density array of opto-electrochemical nanosensors is presented for remote DNA detection. It was fabricated by chemical etching a coherent optical fibre bundle to produce a nanotip array. The surface of the etched bundle was sputter-coated with a thin ITO layer which was eventually insulated by an electrophoretic paint. The fabrication steps produced a high-density array of electrochemical nanosensors which retains the optical fibre bundle architecture and its imaging properties. A DNA probe was then immobilized on the nanosensor array surface in a polypyrrole film by electropolymerisation. After hybridisation with the complementary sequence, detection of the strepavidin-R-phycoerythrin label is performed by fluorescence imaging through the optical fibre bundle itself. Control experiments and regeneration steps have also been successfully demonstrated on this nanostructured opto-electrochemical platform.