Heim M., Wattanakit C., Reculusa S., Warakulwit C., Limtrakul J., Ravaine S., Kuhn A.,
Electroanalysis 2013, 25, 888-894.

Hierarchically ordered macro-mesoporous Pt films have been synthesized on gold microwires by filling the void space of a colloidal crystal template with mesoporous Pt through electrodepositing the metal in the presence of self-assembled surfactant molecules, followed by a dissolution of the template. The network of interconnected macro- and mesopores in the homogeneous films was characterized using microscopy (SEM, TEM) and electrochemical techniques. The active surface areas of the porous wires increased by more than three orders of magnitude compared to non-porous samples. These high surface-to-volume ratios resulted in a high electrocatalytic activity for methanol oxidation.


Electroanalysis2013 p888 TOC