Mokrushina A. V., Heim M., Karyakina E. E., Kuhn A., Karyakin A. A.,
Electrochem. Comm. 2013, 29, 78-80.

We report on the successful modification of macroporous microelectrodes with the electrocatalyst Prussian Blue, resulting in improved hydrogen peroxide sensing. When the pores of the electrode surface are completely filled with the electrocatalyst the resulting sensor shows a behavior similar to the one obtained for a non-porous microelectrode. However, significantly improved analytical performance is obtained when the porous structure is only partly filled with the catalyst, allowing diffusional access of the analyte to the inside of the pores. The resulting sensor is characterized by both improved operational stability and record sensitivity of 8.8 ± 0.7 A.m−− 2 for H2O2 detection.


ElectrochemComm2013 p78 TOC