Descamps E., Duroure N., Deiss F., Leichlé T., Adam C., Mailley P., Aït-Ikhlef A., Livache T., Nicu L., Sojic N.,
Lab on a Chip 2013, 13, 2956-2962.

Optical nanotip arrays fabricated on etched fiber bundles were functionalized with DNA spots. Such unconventional substrates (3D and non-planar) are difficult to pattern with standard microfabrication techniques but, using an electrochemical cantilever, up to 400 spots were electrodeposited on the nanostructured optical surface in 5 min. This approach allows each spot to be addressed individually and multiplexed fluorescence detection is demonstrated. Finally, remote fluorescence detection was performed by imaging through the optical fiber bundle itself after hybridisation with the complementary sequence.


LabChip2013 p2956 TOC