Husken N., Taylor R. W., Zigah D., Taveau J.-C., Lambert O., Scherman O. A., Baumberg J. J., Kuhn A.,
Nano Lett. 2013, 13, 6016–6022.

One-dimensional (1D) nanoparticle chains with defined nanojunctions are of strong interest due to their plasmonic and electronic properties. A strategy is presented for the assembly of 1D gold-nanoparticle chains with fixed and rigid cucurbit[n]uril-nanojunctions of 9 Å. The process is electrokinetically accomplished using a nanoporous polycarbonate membrane and controlled by the applied voltage, the nanoparticle/CB[n] concentration ratio, time and temperature. The spatial structure and time-resolved analysis of chain plasmonics confirm a growth mechanism at the membrane nanopores.


NanoLett2013 p6016 TOC