H. Sopha, J. Roche, I. Švancara, A. Kuhn

Anal.Chem. 2014, 86, 10515–10519

In this contribution, a wireless method for the electrolytic sampling of heavy metals at special bismuth-modified particles is presented. For the first time, glassy carbon beads were asymmetrically modified with bismuth using bipolar electrochemistry. The resulting chemically asymmetric beads, so-called Janus particles, could be employed for the wireless electroaccumulation of heavy metal ions in the bismuth film. The qualitative and quantitative aspects of this concept have been studied by using anodic stripping voltammetry with Cd2+ and Pb2+ as the model ions. Different experimental and instrumental parameters have been optimized, among others the concentration of Bi3+ ions, the deposition conditions for the bismuth-film, and the accumulation time of the target heavy metals.The developed concept could be applied to the transfer of heavy metal ions from a solution into a confined space without need to electrically connect the collector (electrode), thus representing an interesting new approach for trace metal analysis in small volumes.2014-22