I. Hernández Delgado, S. Pascal, C. Besnard, S. Voci, L. Bouffier, N. Sojic, J. Lacour.

Chem. Eur. J. 2018, 24 (40), 10186-10195.

A series of nine C‐functionalized cationic diazaoxa triangulene dyes (DAOTA) has been successfully synthesized and fully characterized, including X‐ray structural analysis of four derivatives. The introduction of electron‐withdrawing or donating functions enables a tuning of both electrochemical and photochemical properties with, for instance, two consecutive (reversible) reductions or oxidations observed for nitro or amino derivatives, respectively. The substituents impacted also the optical properties, with absorption maxima varying from 529 to 640 nm and fluorescence being shifted from the yellow to the red range, up to 656 nm.

ToC CEJ2018