Loget G., Kuhn A.,
In Electrochemistry, Vol. 3, Nanosystems Electrochemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing, 71-103, 2012. Book Chapter

Bipolar electrochemistry is a phenomenon which is known for a very long time, but has been less popular for a few decades, and some electrochemists even ignore its existence. Recently, it has regained considerable attention, especially in the field of micro- and nanoscience.1,2 The aim of this chapter is to introduce the unspecialized reader to bipolar electrochemistry. First, a general introduction into the concept of bipolar electrochemistry will be given, exploring aspects of bipolar electrodes, such as thermodynamics and kinetics. Then, we will briefly describe historical aspects of bipolar electrochemistry and finally illustrate in detail recent applications with an emphasis on applications in the field of nanoscience.


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