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Development of multimaterial fibers for new optrodes for photoelectrochemical analysis

ANR logo 2021 complet 1024x262  The development of miniaturized electrodes has been the subject of intense research for many years, due to the novel properties and applications accessible on a small scale. In this context, the PELICAN project aims to develop miniaturized sensors based on multi-material/multi-functional fibers to be used as optrodes for photoelectrochemical analysis. The ultimate goal will then be to integrate all the elements of an electrochemical cell into a single instrument  in order to design a self-contained, "fully integrated" photoelectrochemical sensing system. The approach proposed by the PELICAN project consortium is the realization of multifunctional fibers combining several materials such as glasses, metals, and/or polymers. New approaches to stacking, drawing and 3D printing will be deployed to meet the challenge of manufacturing multi-material, multi-functional fibers. Optrodes will then be fabricated using a photoactive semiconductor electrode integrated on multimaterial optical fibers.


Partners: ISCR (PI J. Troles), ISM, ISMCB