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Franco-Thai International Research Project « ChiraChem »

This project is proposed as logical extension of the previous project “ChiraCat” which was kindly supported by the PICS program of the CNRS from 2017 to 2019. The main topic is again focused on chirality, however not only limited to electrocatalytic processes as previously, but enlarged to various chemical processes, ranging from enantioselective sensing to separation and chiral chemical synthesis. These are extremely important issues in contemporary chemistry, because many molecules in our daily life are chiral and are often present in only one of two possible mirror-image forms. One of the important consequences is that the biological and pharmaceutical activity of chiral molecules is directly related to their handedness, which means that the two different enantiomers of a molecule often exhibit dramatically different effects. Thus, the selective detection, separation and synthesis of chiral molecules is of major importance. We already worked on some of these aspects in the past and we will explore a much broader range of very original opportunities in chemistry in the frame of the project presented here. This will be achieved in close collaboration between four entities:

-the group Nanoanalytical Systems (NsysA) of the Institut of Molecular Science (UMR 5255) in Bordeaux (Prof. Alexander Kuhn)

-the group of Condensed Matter and Electroactive Systems (MaCSE) at the Institute of Chemical Science (UMR 6226) in Rennes (Dr. Gabriel Loget)

-the group of Dr. Chularat Wattanakit of the Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology in Rayong/Thailand (VISTEC)

-the group of Prof. Adrian Flood, also located at VISTEC

For more information please check out the dedicated website of this 5-years project supported by the CNRS IRP program.