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Wireless Endogenous parameter Bio-transduction

Chronic diseases are responsible for deaths and quality of life impairment. Diabetes, for example is affecting the daily life of patients that have to constantly follow up their glucose level to avoid dysglycemia episodes. On this ground, Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems (CGM) have recently greatly enhanced patients’ life. However, (1) CGM sensor accuracy is dropping over time due to the foreign body reaction, and (2) CGM systems are still too heavy mainly due to the battery.

The WEB project proposes a leap forward in technology generation with a dedicated implantable electrode-antenna (EA) that integrates glucose biosensor, power source, and radiofrequency resonator antenna. The EA will also be capable of characterizing the surrounding tissue fibrosis, enabling continuous system self-calibration.

Based on an already active collaboration between biologists (C. Boiziau), electronic engineers (S. Hemour, C. Dejous) and electrochemists (A. Kuhn, N. Mano), the results of this 4-year project (2021-2025) will be validated in-vivo by rodent implantations.