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Since 2014, the NanoSystems for Analytics research group has embedded a structure ensuring the interface between the academic research work of the team's researchers and industrial partners. This technology transfer activity serves in particular as a relay with local operators in this field being strongly linked to the laboratory's supervisory bodies (University of Bordeaux, CNRS and Bordeaux INP).

A first subsidiary of the University of Bordeaux and Bordeaux INP, Aquitaine Science Transfert (AST), notably ensures a mission to protect the intellectual property of academic work and has the role of drafting confidentiality agreements, research collaboration contracts as well as the filing of applications and maintenance of the patent portfolio. Depending on the scientific themes, the Partnership and Valorization Service of the CNRS Regional Delegation can also carry out similar missions for specific projects such as, for example, pre-maturation projects carried out by its subsidiary CNRS Innovation. Also a subsidiary of the same establishments as AST, ADERA (Association for the Development of Education and Research in Aquitaine) finally ensures the operational aspects of the management of collaborative projects, particularly for the financial and human resources part of the projects.

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Since their establishment, technology transfer actions in the NSysA group have concerned all of the team's research areas. The main subjects which have been or are currently at the heart of projects in partnership with companies are as follows:

  • detection and dosage of sulphites in wine and other food liquids (AST and CNRS Innovation fundings)
  • study of electrocatalytic systems for improving the performance of thermal engine vehicles and installations (CIFRE PhD funding with a French start-up and France Relance project)
  • innovative electrochemical methods for surface treatment of medical grade titanium parts (France Relance project with an international company)
  • manufacture of new adsorbents based on granular activated carbon for the depollution of drinking water (collaborative project with a French company)
  • colorimetric study of food liquids by electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques (France Relance project with a French establishment providing services for the winemakers)
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Furthermore, our laboratory has internal skills in the design of accessories and devices allowing the performance of specific experiments requiring the combination of electrochemical methods and microscopic or spectroscopic characterization tools. In 2023, a partnership was concluded with the company Idylle on the marketing of adaptable chambers intended, mainly, for the observation of electrochemiluminiscence (ECL) phenomena. Different models of chambers, called by the acronym a-CLIPSE (standing for "adaptive Chambers for Luminescence Imaging and Photo-/Spectro-Electrochemistry"), are thus offered to the community of electrochemists and microscopists.

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